1. Who Can Enter Vietnam During COVID
As announced by the Vietnam Immigration Department, Only Vietnamese nationals and the following foreigners allowed to enter Vietnam currently :
=> Foreigners with diplomatic, official and foreign investors, experts and high-skilled workers

2. Requirements to Enter Vietnam During COVID
In order to get into Vietnam now, all foreigners must have a sponsor company or institution in Vietnam, which will be responsible to get their entry permit issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department.

3. How to get Vietnam Entry Permit for Foreign Experts in COVID
This procedure is updated by the Vietnam Immigration Department, and it is applicable to all those who wish to enter Vietnam at the moment, no matter they have a valid visa or TRC for Vietnam already. It covers the following steps:
Prepare required documents for getting a Vietnam Entry Permit
The inviting company in Vietnam shall prepare the following documents to obtain an Entry Permit to Vietnam:

  • (a) Approval by the Provincial People’s Committee allowing the foreigners to enter Vietnam to carry out their employment, family members’ visit, study, and approving their transport and quarantine plans
  • Approval for quarantine issued by the People’s Committee of the Province where the quarantine is taking place in case it is different from the Province mentioned in item (a).
  • Flight details if entering Vietnam via airport (including Flight Number, Flight Itinerary, and arrival airport)
  • Apply the Vietnam Immigration Department for procedures to get visa to Vietnam.
  • If this is the first time to apply for Vietnam entry permit for foreigners by the sponsor company, the following documents should be added:

          1.Certified copy of Business Registration Certificate or Decision on Company Establishment issued by the
           competent authority;
          2.Form NA16 : Registered form of seal and signature of the legal representative of the enterprise operating in

4. After Getting the Vietnam Entry Permit
Foreigners need to complete their COVID Test and submit an online health declaration within 72 hours before departure.