KR-7D6N Jeju Island + Seoul

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Tour Fare
14-Mar-2020 - 20-Mar-2020

Full Tour RatesAll In Prices
2 Adults TwinRM3,620
Adult Single OccupancyRM4,470
2 Child TwinRM3,620
Child With BedRM3,620
Child No BedRM3,296
21-Mar-2020 - 27-Mar-2020
27-Apr-2020 - 03-May-2020
07-May-2020 - 13-May-2020
09-May-2020 - 15-May-2020
23-May-2020 - 29-May-2020
26-May-2020 - 01-Jun-2020
30-May-2020 - 05-Jun-2020
1) For all Air Asia X (D7) inclusive of 20kg check-in luggage, meal on board and 1 small bottle of mineral water.
2) Seat arrangement will be auto assigned by the airline. 
1) We reserve the right to alter the sequence or change, amend or alter the itinerary if necessary, with or without prior notice.
2) All flights and hotels are provisional and will be subject to our final confirmation.
3) Sights-seeing places are subject to erratic weather conditions caused by global warming climate change.
4) Excludes Travel Insurance
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KR-7D6N Jeju Island + Seoul
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